A Little Graphic Help

Sizing chandeliers for large dining rooms is a bit trickier than most rooms.  Too large of a chandelier will have you looking like a hotel ballroom and too small of a chandelier will get lost.  Can the chandelier be wider than the table?

In answer to the latter question, yes it can.  If you can hang the chandelier high enough, it is okay for it to be wider than the table as long as you like the way it looks. We recommend 3′ or so off the table in such a situation.

Below are some simple illustrations for larger dining rooms.

How to size a chandelier in a large dining room - width

Our Kingly King


Simply put, we think this is the most beautiful chandelier in existence. So, of course, we named it the King.

Thus named because it is the Crown of our collection. Or, you could even say it is named after us – King’s Chandelier Company. In the olden days we called this the 12+6, but that name did not do it justice.

It is large at 32″ wide and 45″ long, but not so big that it looks overdone. Just big enough. It has the perfect number of lights at 18 (12 on the lower arms and 6 on the upper). Superbly proportioned.

Where could you use this in your home? No matter where, it would look spectacular. Click the photo above to see all available options for the King Crystal Chandelier.






Snowflakes or Chandeliers?

different view of crystal chandelier

We know to keep our expectations of a Christmas snow pretty low here in the South, but being able to wear shorts on Christmas Day is a bit of a seasonal bummer. We’ve had dreary, warm rain and quite a bit of it.

Today, I decided to make my own snowflakes.

One of my favorite things to do around here is take a bit of a lie-down in what we call our “Strass Room”. It is the room in our showroom building where we display our chandeliers trimmed in Swarovski: black ceiling, royal blue walls and carpet and tons of sparkle. I stretch out on the floor and look up at all of the glittering chandeliers. Lovely.

IMG_0959 IMG_0961IMG_0966 IMG_0962 different view of crystal chandelier

There’s More to Decorate!

Did you decorate your chandelier for the holidays?

You’d think we would be purists about crystal chandeliers, but life is too short to not have some fun and mix it up a little.

Some of my favorite things to search for on Pinterest are your photos of chandeliers adorned with garland, balls, ribbon – whatever makes the festive more festive.  Here’s my board: Decorate Your Chandelier.

We would love to see your photos! Tag us on any social media #kingschandelier.

Happy Holidays!



Here Come the Holidays!

Believe it or not, the “Holidays” are right around the corner.  That means Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year (and more) which call for table adornments and party decorations galore!  What do all of these festivities have in common?  A gorgeous table setting.  And, what is the most beautiful part of a table setting?  A crystal chandelier, of course. Dining Room Crystal Chandelier

Yes, your crystal chandelier should be considered part of your table setting.  It should not be so high off the table that it is considered a ceiling light instead of an integral part of your dining experience.

We recommend 28” and 34” between the top of your table to the lowest point of your chandelier.  This is plenty of space for laughing and sharing across the table.  Everyone’s eyes can meet, but they are also aware of the elegant glitter just a tad bit over their sight line.

As you start thinking about your family dinners and parties, take a good look at your chandelier height and keep in mind how things look from the seated perspective.  After all, that’s how you spend most of your time in the dining room.

For other ideas to enhance your dining experience, keep an eye out for postings here on our blog, or you can check out our idea pages on Pinterest.  


Shiny, Happy Bathrooms.


6-R-6This morning I flipped through some lovely decorating suggestions on my favorite site Apartment Therapy.  They were sharing the idea of hanging a crystal chandelier over your bathtub.  Yay for crystal chandeliers!

We are a big fan of crystal chandeliers in the bathroom.  If you want to add a bit of luxury to your bathroom or step up the romance in your master suite, simply add a crystal chandelier.  And there is no better way to impress your guests than showing them to a powder room made beautifully dramatic with a crystal chandelier.


If you are placing a chandelier near a tub, there are a few safety and building code issues so make sure you check all of your local codes to keep your family safe.

Once you are in the clear, simply choose the chandelier you love.  There is no need to worry about the size of the chandelier as long as it gives you the floor and tub clearance you require.  Any width will do.  Most people prefer a smaller chandelier – 18″ wide or smaller, but length and total lights will dictate the right chandelier.  Be vigilant when choosing cheap chandeliers as many of them don’t allow for more than 15 watts per socket.  Unless you have plenty of recessed lights, you will want your chandelier to provide plenty of light.  Install a dimmer for a relaxing retreat.

A few suggestions from our website:

Zelda Chandelier

LG5 Chandelier


Wentworth Chandelier



How to clean your chandeliers – fast!

As I scroll through my facebook feed, I see plenty of articles on how to clean a room – fast.  I actually clean all of my rooms fast because I really don’t like to clean.  But today, a similar DIY headline made me think about how I would quickly clean a chandelier.

In our showroom, the chandeliers are almost always cleaned by removing all of the crystals, thoroughly washing them, wiping & polishing the frame, and reassembling the chandeliers; however, we’ve been known to cheat a bit when necessary.

Here is how we do it:

Safety first:  Turn off power to the light.  Find a sturdy ladder.  Protect your furniture or floor.

Use a good microfiber cloth (I love the ones that come with my glasses) and dry polish the largest pieces of hanging crystal as they hang on your fixture.

Wipe out all of the bowls (bobeches) on the chandelier with a dry paper towel or cloth.

Use a wet cloth to clean cooled light bulbs.  Then dry them.  You will be amazed at what a difference clean light bulbs make.

As always, never turn the chandelier.  Move yourself around the chandelier.

Happy cleaning!