Chandelier of the Week – Wentworth

Wentworth Courthouse      Wentworth Chandelier

Do you need to add a little bit of elegance to a room?  The Wentworth is the perfect crystal chandelier for the job.  It is short enough to leave 6.5’ of clearance in a room with 8’ ceilings, so you can use it just about anywhere.

You could hang it in your bedroom – dim it low for ambience or light it strong for great light from the 6 40watt bulbs.  Who doesn’t want a chandelier in their bedroom?  Or, dress up your closet just like the designers do.

The Wentworth makes a great impression in a bathroom.  Hang it in your master bath where you can enjoy it.  Or, hang it in the guest room and make your family jealous.

My favorite way to use the Wentworth is in a dining room with a smaller table regardless of the room size.  It makes for an intimate and luxurious table setting.

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We named this little cutie after the county seat of our home county in in North Carolina.  Wentworth, North Carolina has a population of around 2800 and is home to some great people.  Indeed, it is small yet impressive – just like our chandelier.

Wentworth 3 Wentworth 2 Wentworth 1


Chandelier of the Week – Princess

The Princess is a favorite of mine, a little because it is the perfect name for a chandelier, but mostly because of the shape of it.

The longer arms pull the design outward and the 5″ bobeches anchor those arms.  With a total of 8 arms, it is very full, but the elongated prisms keep it from looking chunky.  It is short, but not too short.

The Princess is an excellent choice for a living room with 9′ ceilings.  However, it is most popular over a table in a medium sized dining room.

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Chandelier of the Week – Raleigh

A well-proportioned chandelier is timeless, and our chandelier Raleigh is one of our perpetual favorites.

Crystal Chandelier Raleigh
Crystal Chandelier Raleigh with Swarovski Crystal

What makes it well-proportioned?  The best way to describe this quality in a chandelier is to say that it is well-balanced.  There are an even number of arms (6 lower and 6 upper) which makes a chandelier look good from every angle.  Frequently in decorating you hear that odd numbers of things look best, but for chandelier arms, we think the opposite is true.

Another trick that keeps the Raleigh chandelier in balance is the use of smaller bobeches (bowls) on the upper arms than what you see on the lower arms.  The tapered bottom with the final ball completes the harmony.

Having nothing to do with balance and everything to do with magnificence are the Swarovski trimmings on this beauty.  Incomparable brilliance is the best description for these pendants and strands.

Raleigh, NC - Photo by Randy Bryant
Raleigh, NC – Photo by Randy Bryant

Our Chandelier Raleigh is named for the state capital here in North Carolina.  A wonderful city from any perspective!  Read about what the city Raleigh has to offer:

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Chandelier of the Week – Winterking series

It is a very cold in most of the United States, and in North Carolina we are expecting quite a bit of snow today (which makes it a party around here).  In honor of this winter weather, our focus this week is on our Winterking series.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of King’s Chandelier Company, Durward King and Franklin Ricks designed the lovely Winterking.  It has always been a favorite around the showroom.  The radiance of the strands festooning the circumference of the chandelier on three levels is enhanced by the sparkle of Swarovski Elements crystal.  Tall candles add to the elegant effect.

In response to the wonderfully, overwhelming popularity of the Winterking, Mr. King designed a larger version called the Winter Elegance.  A couple of years later, at the urging of more than one customer, he designed the Small Winterking.

Small Winterking Winterking Winter Elegance

They’ve gone through a few updates over the past three decades, but the period feel of them stays true.

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