Staying Power

Our 1968 catalogLast week we received a lovely letter from the relative of some past customers. She was kind enough
to send us a copy of our catalog that her aunt has saved for almost 50 years! To know that someone enjoyed our catalog enough to keep it all of those decades is very heartwarming.

I spent the morning reading through this catalog from 1968. I could almost hear Mr. King’s voice as I read the beautiful descriptions of these chandeliers.

IMG_0668And, there were so many lovely testimonials from all over the country. I’m truly impressed by these letters that people took the time to hand-write and post. In later years as the product line increased, the space in the catalog that was devoted to testimonials changed to product, and these words were lost.

IMG_0667I think my favorite part of this old catalog is a paragraph on the back cover:
“We offer you, herewith, lighting fixtures of highest quality and most careful design. These prices are net to everyone. You will find that they compare favorably with, and are often lower than, the actual wholesale price of other fixtures of similar quality.”

This is still true, almost 50 years later.

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