Our First Catalog

From our first catalog, circa 1950:

Cover of the first catalog from King's Chandelier

Due to increasing scarcity and consequent higher costs of old crystal chandeliers, we are specializing in copies of some of these at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay, and without their losing any of the charm and elegance of the old ones. 

For years we have collected, sold and studied antique chandeliers and out of this knowledge, we have developed and carefully assembled by hand these models pictured of chandeliers, candelabra and sconces.

Our phone number may have evolved and a few things may have changed, but after 80 years, we are still going strong!

The H-44 featured on the cover is still available (see it here).  The price may be a bit more, but we are still dedicated to creating a beautiful chandelier, by hand, with the elegance and charm of the treasures of the past.


Is That a Breeze or a Fan?

Summer is here… well, not officially, but in Eden, North Carolina the temp will reach the mid-80’s today and we call that Summer.  Time to dust off those ceiling fans.

I love my ceiling fans.  Yes, ceiling fans can be ugly and even uglier with a light on them, but I have them in five rooms of my home.  They circulate stale air during parties.  They dispense smoky air in the kitchen.  They create cool air when it is warm.  Wait… that last part isn’t really true.  So how do ceiling fans help cool a room?

Well, they don’t.

What they actually do is move air over us which makes us feel cooler by increasing the evaporation of moisture on our skin.  This breeze can make it feel like it is 5 or 6 degrees cooler than what the room temperature really is.  A neat trick.

And, generally, a ceiling fan is much cheaper to operate than an A/C.   The most cost effective way to put this information to use is to keep your ceiling fan on in the room that you are occupying.  Turn the ceiling fan off (the same way you would the light) when you are finished in the room.

Don’t forget to dust your ceiling fan regularly as the blades collect dust in any home.