‘Chandeliers Aloft’

I am quite sure that the actors in the newest Cinderella by Disney were quite good, but my eyes were full of crystal chandeliers.

Cinderella’s home sparkled with them, but that was nothing compared to the ballroom of the castle.  Enormous crystal chandeliers, with I don’t know how many candles, filled the screen as footmen lit each taper.  Then, the magic words: ‘Chandeliers aloft’ and this chandelier maker held her breath.

Up they went!  It was magical.  Those beauties hung there in the air, twinkling and waiting for something to happen.

Then, the Swarovski happened.  The costumes were a Swarovski lover’s fantasy.  Dresses were embellished, hair was bejeweled, skin even radiated with the most gorgeous crystal on earth.  The jewelry was magnificent, and according to what I’ve read, many pieces came from Swarovski’s vaults.

And, those shoes!  A country girl could conquer a kingdom with those shoes.


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