‘Chandeliers Aloft’

I am quite sure that the actors in the newest Cinderella by Disney were quite good, but my eyes were full of crystal chandeliers.

Cinderella’s home sparkled with them, but that was nothing compared to the ballroom of the castle.  Enormous crystal chandeliers, with I don’t know how many candles, filled the screen as footmen lit each taper.  Then, the magic words: ‘Chandeliers aloft’ and this chandelier maker held her breath.

Up they went!  It was magical.  Those beauties hung there in the air, twinkling and waiting for something to happen.

Then, the Swarovski happened.  The costumes were a Swarovski lover’s fantasy.  Dresses were embellished, hair was bejeweled, skin even radiated with the most gorgeous crystal on earth.  The jewelry was magnificent, and according to what I’ve read, many pieces came from Swarovski’s vaults.

And, those shoes!  A country girl could conquer a kingdom with those shoes.


Our Story

 A very young George in rafters at Boone Road.    DF King, Sr. and his daughter, Adele King

First CatalogLike so many great American business stories, ours starts as a family business housed in an out building of an old house, in a very small town.  The King family was quite prominent in what was then known as Leaksville and operated, among other things, an antique store.  DF King, Sr. had a passion for gasoliers and enjoyed the challenge in converting them for use with electricity.  With an “aha” moment, he decided to design his own chandeliers, and King’s Chandelier Company was born.

Durward KingFrom that moment of ingenuity to now, we have grown from a small mail order business to a destination shopping experience and one of a kind on-line store.  Our showroom and factory are still located in the same town as the early days, but it is now called Eden.  We bring small town sensibility and ethics, with a bit of Southern hospitality, to every aspect of our business.

Franklin King Ricks and George Finney

We may be a bit overly proud of the number of 2nd and 3rd generation of customers that we have, but we consider it a great testament to our business and how we treat our customers.  It is important to each one of us that you purchase the right chandelier for you and your budget.

At King’s Chandelier, our simple motto is “We want you to look at your chandelier and LOVE it!”  And our favorite thing to hear from our customers is “we still love our chandelier”.

We are employee owned and each and every one of us more than takes pride in what we do.  We regard our product as a representation of the best that we are.  Call us and you will most likely speak with an owner – someone who has spent decades working with our crystal chandeliers and sconces.

IMG_1559  IMG_1561

After 80 years, we remain dedicated to bringing sparkle and joy to our customers.

Chandelier of the Week – Princess

The Princess is a favorite of mine, a little because it is the perfect name for a chandelier, but mostly because of the shape of it.

The longer arms pull the design outward and the 5″ bobeches anchor those arms.  With a total of 8 arms, it is very full, but the elongated prisms keep it from looking chunky.  It is short, but not too short.

The Princess is an excellent choice for a living room with 9′ ceilings.  However, it is most popular over a table in a medium sized dining room.

As always, we offer free shipping on our Chandelier of the Week.  Use coupon code #shipforfree.


Chandelier of the Week – Raleigh

A well-proportioned chandelier is timeless, and our chandelier Raleigh is one of our perpetual favorites.

Crystal Chandelier Raleigh
Crystal Chandelier Raleigh with Swarovski Crystal

What makes it well-proportioned?  The best way to describe this quality in a chandelier is to say that it is well-balanced.  There are an even number of arms (6 lower and 6 upper) which makes a chandelier look good from every angle.  Frequently in decorating you hear that odd numbers of things look best, but for chandelier arms, we think the opposite is true.

Another trick that keeps the Raleigh chandelier in balance is the use of smaller bobeches (bowls) on the upper arms than what you see on the lower arms.  The tapered bottom with the final ball completes the harmony.

Having nothing to do with balance and everything to do with magnificence are the Swarovski trimmings on this beauty.  Incomparable brilliance is the best description for these pendants and strands.

Raleigh, NC - Photo by Randy Bryant
Raleigh, NC – Photo by Randy Bryant

Our Chandelier Raleigh is named for the state capital here in North Carolina.  A wonderful city from any perspective!  Read about what the city Raleigh has to offer:  http://blog.visitraleigh.com/

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