We Heart You

Crystal LoveRuminating on relationships around here today, and I’d be amiss if I didn’t think about all of our great customers.

For the majority of our customers, choosing a crystal chandelier is a pretty big deal.  They are picking out an item for their well-loved home, and many tell me that they plan to pass it to the next generation.  And, although our chandeliers are less than most, it is a big budget purchase.  We tend to spend quite a bit of time talking with our customers to make sure they are confident with that purchase.

During those conversations, we get to know each other.  I hear about the rooms they are decorating.  I hear their dogs and kids in the background.  We share Pinterest pins.  Quite frequently, I get photos sent back with our chandelier in their gorgeous rooms.

Although we don’t wish future mishaps on anyone, we do enjoy our visits in subsequent years when our customers have broken pieces that need to be replaced.  I said to someone last week, “I’m so sorry the carpet cleaners broke your chandelier, but gosh I’m happy to hear from you!”  And, there is great sadness when we hear from relatives who are moving or selling the chandelier of someone that has passed away.

We can’t imagine having any greater customers that we do.  On this Valentine’s Day, we want to say a big heartfelt thank you for keeping us in business for 80 years and letting us get to know you!


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