Snow Day

SnowHopefully you are in the lower corner of New Mexico and actually have good weather today, but most of us, well, don’t.

I’m working from home and thinking about using this unexpected time to clean my chandelier.  If you think that is a good idea too, see our post Mine is pretty dirty so I have no intention of showing you the before and after!  I really should be ashamed.

Or, you could spend the day perusing Pinterest – making grand plans for your home.  Check out our boards for some fun lighting ideas.  Or maybe

The internet is full of fun on a snow day.  After I clean my chandelier, I think I’ll make some hot chocolate and spend some time on my favorite websites: and

Snow or none, enjoy your day.  Let us know how you spend it.


Where is the sun?

We’ve had a few cold weeks here in North Carolina… really cold without much sun.  To top if off, last week and this week brought us SNOW.  Normally, I love snow.  Usually, snow here in the South means pretty white stuff that melts by lunch time.  But, when it is 21 degrees with no sun, it doesn’t melt so quickly.

Showroom2Luckily, our showroom offers us plenty of bright and fiery lights!  And, if we leave the lights on for more than 30 minutes, it gets nice and toasty (40watts x a bazillion sockets = warm).

Overall, a room full of crystal chandeliers isn’t a bad place to spend a snow day.

Come join us!


Looking back a bit…


Social Media can inspire some really fun trends, and one of my favorites is Throwback Thursday, or #tbt.  Since King’s Chandelier has been around for 80 years, we’ve got some old photos hanging around.

Boone Road Rafters   Durward King and Adele King under a King's ChandelierThese old photos give insight into how the chandeliers evolve and change but yet still stay true to a period look. We also enjoy looks back into the old showroom. But, the best part is reliving memories of great people who are no longer with us.

Franklin & George

Since most of us that work at King’s have been around for decades, we remember these great smiles and personalities and feel honored to have worked with such remarkable people.

Crystal is an enduring medium and crystal chandeliers are the anchor in timeless décor.  These absent people are the anchor to our business.

Enjoy looking back this Thursday!


Chandelier of the Week – Winterking series

It is a very cold in most of the United States, and in North Carolina we are expecting quite a bit of snow today (which makes it a party around here).  In honor of this winter weather, our focus this week is on our Winterking series.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of King’s Chandelier Company, Durward King and Franklin Ricks designed the lovely Winterking.  It has always been a favorite around the showroom.  The radiance of the strands festooning the circumference of the chandelier on three levels is enhanced by the sparkle of Swarovski Elements crystal.  Tall candles add to the elegant effect.

In response to the wonderfully, overwhelming popularity of the Winterking, Mr. King designed a larger version called the Winter Elegance.  A couple of years later, at the urging of more than one customer, he designed the Small Winterking.

Small Winterking Winterking Winter Elegance

They’ve gone through a few updates over the past three decades, but the period feel of them stays true.

All three of the chandeliers in this beautiful series ship for free this week.   You can find them on our website in the Swarovski Collection.  Enter #shipforfree at checkout.

We Heart You

Crystal LoveRuminating on relationships around here today, and I’d be amiss if I didn’t think about all of our great customers.

For the majority of our customers, choosing a crystal chandelier is a pretty big deal.  They are picking out an item for their well-loved home, and many tell me that they plan to pass it to the next generation.  And, although our chandeliers are less than most, it is a big budget purchase.  We tend to spend quite a bit of time talking with our customers to make sure they are confident with that purchase.

During those conversations, we get to know each other.  I hear about the rooms they are decorating.  I hear their dogs and kids in the background.  We share Pinterest pins.  Quite frequently, I get photos sent back with our chandelier in their gorgeous rooms.

Although we don’t wish future mishaps on anyone, we do enjoy our visits in subsequent years when our customers have broken pieces that need to be replaced.  I said to someone last week, “I’m so sorry the carpet cleaners broke your chandelier, but gosh I’m happy to hear from you!”  And, there is great sadness when we hear from relatives who are moving or selling the chandelier of someone that has passed away.

We can’t imagine having any greater customers that we do.  On this Valentine’s Day, we want to say a big heartfelt thank you for keeping us in business for 80 years and letting us get to know you!


Chandelier of the Week – Ruby


Better than flowers, better than candy.  The little Ruby chandelier is the perfect romantic accent for that special Valentine’s dinner.

She has red pendants at the top and red hearts on each arm.  Small and crystal clear, Ruby makes a perfect little edition to a room.

We are pretty sure Cupid ordered this one last month for his dining room.

Ruby ships this week for free!  Just enter #shipforfree at checkout.

Sconces, Sconches, Scones

You know, those wall light thingies?  Working the telephones over the past (mumble mumble) years, I’ve heard wall sconces called just about everything.  But, that’s okay – we know what you mean.

The bigger question is how to use them.

For full functionality, we recommend a properly installed electrical box connect to a dimmer switch on your wall panel.  A pair of sconces on the same dimmer gives a nice look.    But, most sconces (and all of ours) can accommodate a switch somewhere on the sconce so that you can turn them on right at the source.  If you don’t have a wall box, consider a cord from the sconce to the closest plug or even making them for candles.  No electricity required.  Let us know your limitations and we will be happy to work it out for you!

Okay, enough with the technical details.  Let’s get to the pretty part.

Sconces in a large foyer or going up the wall of a grand staircase not only bring light to all levels, but visually ground the space.  In a smaller foyer, a single sconce over a small table at the wall frees up space on the table, yet provides additional light.

Charleston Sconce 2img-0799Add the elegance of sconces in the dining room.   Sconces can flank your favorite mirror or picture.  Using sconces instead of buffet lamps will leave more space on the buffet or sideboard for the best dining room accessory – food!

Charleston Sconce 2

My personal favorite way to use sconces is flanking the bathroom or powder room mirror.  We’ve had many customers mount their sconces directly on mirrors for an incredibly luxurious bathroom.

Living rooms and parlors can benefit from the extra light of sconces.  Use them on long walls to help fill in the space or place them on either side of a large piece of furniture.  Sconces look wonderful on either side of a piece of art over a fireplace, as well.

I once saw a photo on Pinterest showing sconces in place of bed-side tables.  Loved the look.

The all important question is how high should they be?  Ideally, the lowest point of the sconce should be between 5 and 6 feet off the floor.  Consider the function of the space and where there may be glare in determining where you want to place your sconces.

Have we wetted your appetite for a gorgeous set of sconces?  If so, head on over to the store where all sconces ship for free this week. Go to and enter #shipforfree at checkout.

If you want additional information about how to use sconces or advice on which sconces are best suited for your home, give us a call or email us.

May your day be bright and shiny!