Let’s talk about bulbs…

Tuesday’s Tip: Let’s talk light bulbs. What is the best look for a dining room chandelier with candelabra sockets (you know, the tiny ones)? We suggest 40 watt equivalent. If you are using incandescent light bulbs, choose a 40 watt. If you want to try florescent or LED, pick something with as many lumens as you can find – but make sure it is dimmable! Also, try to find something with 3000K or less which will give you that nice warm feeling of an incandescent bulb. Selections of florescent or LED candelabra base bulbs are slim, but email us if you have any questions! http://www.chandelier.com/contact-us/

Chandelier of the Week – Small Durham

Fitting for Durham Castle, but really named for the Durham Bulls of the great city of Durham, North Carolina, our Small Durham crystal chandelier is our featured chandelier this week. And, that means it ships for free, anywhere in the United States, all week!

Our Small Durham line was previously known by a string of numbers and dashes, but we like this name better. Regardless of the name, this chandelier has always been popular. With its uncomplicated trimmings of nothing but our signature 3-button, Swarovski almonds, the frame shows beautifully.

There is a larger version, the Large Durham (how original, right?), if you need a bit more width.

Go here: http://www.chandelier.com/small-durham-crystal-chandelier-with-swarovski. Enter #shipforfree all week.

Small Durham Crystal Chandelier from King's Chandelier
Small Durham Crystal Chandelier