Chandelier of the Week – Eileen

The Eileen is a new chandelier for us. Created this past winter for one of our favorite customers, it has become a focal point in the showroom. The pointed Swarovski prisms refract gorgeous strips of color and the hand-polished brass adds warmth. The Eileen is sparkly, just like its name sake!

Swarovski points on the Eileen chandelier
Eileen Detail

This beautiful chandelier ships for free all week. Use coupon code #shipforfree.

Chandelier of the Week – Rosalie

Rosalie simple swarovski chandelier

You have to love a crystal chandelier that is elegant, sparkly, and easy to maintain. Our featured chandelier this week, the Rosalie, has only a smattering of crystal pendants, but these pendants are large Swarovski almonds so they pack quite a punch.

Rosalie Swarovski Chandelier
Details of the Rosalie

The Rosalie is gorgeous the way it is, but is easily customizable. For a customer in Greensboro, we have used a slightly larger arm to extend the width. One of the owners placed this in her dining room, but had it made with a plain arm and scroll instead of the more refractive rope-twist. This chandelier is even lovely with a lower priced, Italian quality crystal almond.

Order it the way it is shown on the website, or call us to customize it. Either way, it will ship for free! If ordering on line at, enter #shipforfree at checkout.

Sunlight on Swarovski

Working here is great any day of the week, but late afternoon, as the sun shines through the window and directly onto a perfectly faceted piece of Swarovski Elements on one of our crystal chandeliers, the showroom turns magical.

Swarovski crystal chandelier
As the sun hits this beauty…

My iPhone does not capture the intensity of the colors, but imagine a treasure chest full of gems. Rubies. Sapphires. Emeralds. All mine for the taking. But they look so pretty where they are…
Swarovski Crystal Chandelier RefractionsSwarovski crystal chandelier refractionsIMG_2201

Chandelier of the Week – King

I love choosing our Chandelier of the Week! It gives me a moment to reflect on particular chandeliers and the customers that purchased them.

The King, sometimes called the King 3245, and previously called the 12+6 (12 lower lights and 6 upper lights) and even before that, called the 12+6 FA, is our choice this week.

Swarovski Crystal Chandelier King

It was originally designed for Mrs. DF King, the founder’s wife, for their new home quite a few decades ago. And, over the years, it has been considered the epitome of the type of elegance that we create. We may have larger chandeliers, but I don’t think we have any more beautiful than the King.

Today through next Monday, this chandelier ships for free. If you order it on our website,, in conjunction with a coupon you find there, you can save quite a bundle. Enter #shipforfree at checkout!

Swarovski Crystal Chandelier King SutttonCollection Swarovski Crystal Chandelier King